Episode 25: Reflections on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon Ft Olga Kavran

Olga Kavran is the former head of outreach and legacy at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. In this episode, she sits down with our host Omer to discuss the work of the tribunal, its 2020 judgement, and its outreach program.

Conversing IILA Ft. Daniel Stewart | 40 | JC Jus Cogens : The International Law Podcast

In Ep 40 Shayan Ahmed speaks with Daniel Stewart, Executive Director of @IndependentILA, on the work of the organization.  IILA was founded in 2017 and has been engaged in providing PIL in-house counsel for small and developing countries. https://independentila.org/
  1. Conversing IILA Ft. Daniel Stewart | 40 | JC
  2. Unpacking Frontex a.k.a European Border and Coast Guard Agency Ft. Mariana Gkliati | 39 | JC
  3. Law of the Sea Ft. Robin Churchill | 38 | JC
  4. Climate Litigation Ft. Otto Spijkers | 37 | JC
  5. Law and Morality of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems Ft. Joanna Wilson | 36 | JC

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