Can I add pictures to my article? 

If you have any pictures that you would like to add to your article, please send them separately in JPG or PNG form. Please ensure that you have obtained the copyright for the photograph or are using a copyright-free stock photo. 

How do I cite through hyperlinks? 

You can easily cite through hyperlinks in MS Word by selecting the text you have the link for, right-clicking it and using the option to Add a Hyperlink. 

I am an undergraduate law student. Can I submit my writing to the Blog? 

Yes, you can. We blind-review submitted articles and select them on the basis of their individual merit according to the submissions guidelines.  

I am not an international lawyer, academic or student. Can I submit my writing to the Blog? 

Yes, you may, as long as your article discusses an issue relevant to international law. 

Can I submit an article I have on my personal website? 

We only accept original submissions. In exceptional circumstances, we will accept an article posted on your personal website/blog as long as it is taken down on your personal website before publication in the Jus Cogens Blog. Please inform the editors through email when you are submitting your article if it’s published elsewhere. 

Can I submit an article that I wrote for my university/organisation? 

You may, as long as the article has not been published in a university or organisation publication. If you are planning to submit such an article, please let the editors know this. 

How do we submit a co-authored article? 

You can submit a co-authored article by emailing us the article with your co-author CC’ed. Your co-author will also be required to send us an email allowing us to post the Blog article with their credentials. 

What do I do if my post is longer than 1500 words?

In exceptional circumstances such as where the content demands a longer treatment, or the quality of a longer analysis, we will accept posts that go further than the word limit. These may be divided into 2 parts and posted separately for readability. 

Is there a preference for American English or British English?

There is no such preference as long as the article is in clear and fluent English. 

How long does the review process take?

The review process can take 2-3 weeks, sometimes longer during busy periods for the editors. 

I have an idea I would like to submit for the Podcast, who can I contact?

We love new ideas! You may email us at juscogensblog@gmail.com or juscogenslaw@gmail.com